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54329 Konz nahe 54290 Trier, Trier-Saarburg (Region & Umgebung) in Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany

Independent freelancer available for hire


Consulting & support: 8—20 h. Complexity, management of complex situations, urgent affairs. Free, zero-obligation conversation.

I can answer your question: Look into your heart. If you know who you really are, you will know what to do.

Integral Strategy Consultant available for hire

Defining the Work

Got a situation? Testing or praying is also useful.

In my first conversation with clients, I find out what they know about their issue (problem), and then I offer the following definition of my work:

  1. My consulting is an educational process that uses (verbal & non-verbal) feedback & appropriate interventions to teach improved use of the client’s (online) communications by identifying & changing poor & inefficient habits that cause stress & dysfunction.

  2. In defining my role up front, client & consultant work from the same assumptions about what the consultant has to offer. By fielding any questions to clear up misconceptions, I create a verbal contract with the client, which can be clarified & broadened as the consulting proceeds. In doing so, we both have a clear sense of what is being offered, and the client doesn’t create a drain on the consultant through unrealistic expectations.


  1. Consistency is doing the right thing most of the time and reacting the same way to certain thoughts considered appropriate or inappropriate.

  2. That’s what I strive for.

What I bring to the Table

  1. I can never be totally sure what a client gets in a consultation. They may not see the value of a consultation until some time later. I let the client take responsibility for what they get. This frees me to do my best in an atmosphere of reasonable expectations & acceptance I create.

  2. My goal as a boutique consultant is to help the client become independent of me as soon as possible.

  3. It is the client’s responsibility to experience through activity, listening & learning. Perpetual maintenance is good, development is better.

Letting Go of Clients


  1. Why do clients come to me? What are their technical & logical weaknesses? Do they know what they need to be taught? If clients are analytical, I can explain in technical detail. If they are intuitive, I may use a more experiential, feeling approach.

  2. Am I doing my best with the client? Is this client worth the effort? If a client refuses to take responsibility after a reasonable period of time, I let them go.


Making ready for the ready client

The ability to supervise myself — being my own supervisor — as I work allows me to be in constructive detachment from the work & the client. Maintaining boundaries helps to keep a healthy distance. It also assists in recovering from upsetting events.


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Management Consulting & Complexity

Consulting & Online Consulting: Agence, Agency, Boutique, Bureaux d’Expertise Experte; Adviser, Advisor; Branding (Personal Branding, Self Presentation & Impression Management, Self-Branding); Cabinet de Conseil; Change Management, Digitization, Digitalization, Digital Transformation; Interim Executive, Interim Management, Interim Manager, Liaison; Internet Consultant, Internet Consulting; Online Marketing Communications; Search & Find; Strategist; Specialist; Troubleshooter, Troubleshooting Vip. Immediate Help & Support, Critical, Extreme, High-Priority, Top-Priority, Urgent 911. Dringend, Eilig, Eilt, Notdienst, Notfall, Sofort.

Strategy Consultant, Strategy Consulting: Digital Strategy Consulting | STRATEGY CONSULTING (Berlin Frankfurt Luxembourg Paris) Strategy Consultant - Aachen Berlin Eifel Frankfurt Koblenz Luxembourg Mainz Paris Rheinland-Pfalz Trier & Umgebung Wiesbaden
Strategy Consultant, Strategy Consulting: Digital Strategy Consulting

My service

Independent advisor, backup & proven closer. As a private contractor, solutions consultant & senior adviser I provide direction & guidance to organizations, corporate clients and individuals. Through consulting, coaching & planning I manage & lead performance, change & development. Drop-in service, call anytime.


Value-based pricing. Flat rate advisory fee or a weekly rate. Consulting retainer. Package deal, professional courtesies, repeat business. Price plus taxes (value-added tax) where applicable.